About Me


“808s & Otherworlds: Memories, Remixes, and Mythologies”

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“I’m telling my story, so there won’t be a mistake!”

Hello! My name is Sean Avery Medlin, my pronouns are they/them, and I’m a gamer and Hip-Hop nerd. My only wish in this world is to watch an unproblematic, Black sci-fi T.V. show, but till then, I teach creative writing, and guide cultural work for organizations across the U.S.. I also create rap, poetry, prose and performance. My music, literature, and theater all question the limits of Black masculinity, media (mis)representation, and personal narrative.

I’ve shared stages with Saul Williams, J. Ivy, and Lemon Anderson. My work’s been featured in Afropunk, Blavity, the 2018-2019 Chicago Hip-Hop Theater Festival, and the 2020 Tucson Poetry Festival. My Hip-Hop play and album, “skinnyblk”, is available on all streaming platforms, and all my previous work, is available on this website.

“808s & Otherworlds: Memories, Remixes & Mythologies”, my debut collection, will be published on September 14th, 2021, with Indie Book Publisher and Film Producer, Two Dollar Radio. 

Contact: bookingseanavery@gmail.com